Our Solutions

Our Solutions

LightPoint 360

The LightPoint 360 solution, takes our POEMS solution and combines it with Microsoft 365. These software products are offered with a comprehensive set of IT services such as cloud hosting, system security, device support, and fractional CTO services. LightPoint 360 also includes services that manage the day-to-day operations of our software such as trading, middle office and end of day operations for the fund. This comprehensive approach allows new launch funds to focus on raising capital and running their core business rather than worrying about running technology infrastructure and the operation of their trading system. Outsourcing these functions will allow new funds to keep pace with the rapid technology and security innovations that are occurring without having to make large up front investments in technology, infrastructure and operations.


With LightPoint 360, new launch funds can leverage a complete front-to-back modular solution that can evolve with their fund. LightPoint’s integrated mobility features provide traders and portfolio manager’s access to secure live ticking views of their positions and risk from both their mobile devices and their desktops. They can also execute trades using a cell phone or tablet from any location. Chief operations officers will find it easier to manage middle and back office functions using the platforms automated asset servicing features and its remote work capabilities, while chief financial officers have access to a complete shadow NAV and General Ledger with the ability to drill down from the summary numbers into the individual tax lots from their desktop or tablet, either in the office, at home, or on the road.


LightPoint’s approach to cloud native hosting gives each client their own instance of our software running in a personalized and secure cloud environment that allows them to scale as their compute needs change and which provides additional protection from cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware and phishing attacks.

LightPoint Standard

This solution is intended for firms that want to move off of a legacy POEMS system. It takes our core POEMS product and combines it with our high touch on-boarding support services to allow firms to load and reconcile their historical data easily and quickly.  This enables them move off of their  legacy technology and onto a state of the art institutional quality platform.  This can also take advantage of  cost-effective market data solutions that are tailored to their needs, as well. If required, the solution can be enhanced with the addition of our valuation server, investor accounting and business analytics platform.

LightPoint Enterprise

This solution is intended for quant funds and larger hedge funds and family offices that have a mix of home-grown and packaged technologies that they wish to consolidate.  Our operations support and engineering teams work with these clients to develop an implementation strategy that addresses the most painful operational issues of these firms first, followed by subsequent releases that continue to further their consolidation efforts. This type of solution is designed to eliminate glue-ware and redundant systems which will reduce costs, improve efficiencies and decrease operational risks. To do this we take parts of our POEMS product and integrate it tightly with the firms application infrastructure, turning off pieces of the legacy infrastructure over time. This process utilizes our API’s and may also involve custom development work and interfacing. If required, the solution can be enhanced with the addition of our valuation server, investor accounting and business analytics platform.